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What is a bio sauna?

Bio sauna is a combined sauna with several types of sauna procedures. It is suitable for private and commercial operation and brings a number of benefits based on selectable temperature and air humidity. With a bio sauna, you can practice multiple procedures in one cabin, thanks to which you get a sauna cabin that meets everyone’s needs.

What is a bio sauna?

The TAO combined bio sauna has 3 variants of procedures: Finnish sauna, tropical wet sauna, and aromatic sauna. If you do not want to treat yourself or if you do not like the conditions of a dry Finnish sauna with high temperatures of around 90 °C, but prefer a more humid and mild climate, you can set a program that suits you. Temperatures during a bio sauna are lower than in a dry Finnish sauna, usually in the range of 45-60°C with humidity between 40-55%. Bio sauna is considered to be gentler on our body and is often combined with aromatherapy. The stay in a bio sauna can be longer than in a regular Finnish cabin, usually 15-30 minutes.

A bio sauna is provided by a stove supplemented with an evaporator, or in busy commercial operations, a steam generator. A Finnish stove supplemented with an evaporator allows you to indulge in a Finnish and mild bio sauna in one cabin. Even though the conditions in the bio sauna are milder, they have positive effects on our health. Bio saunas help especially in the treatment of high blood pressure, and blood circulation disorders or improve the quality of the skin. Let’s not forget the relaxing effects, relieving stress, improving sleep and overall mental condition. The benefits of the bio sauna can also be enhanced with fragrant essences and herbs. Aromatherapy can of course also be enjoyed in a Finnish sauna, but the moister and milder conditions of a bio sauna tend to be more suitable for an aroma spa. The TAO bio stove has an integrated bowl for oils and sauna essences, thanks to which you can turn your sauna into a deep sensory experience.

Do you wish to get the benefits of a combined bio sauna for your private wellness as well, or offer them to wellness visitors in your hotel or fitness center? Do not hesitate to contact us!