Additional TAO wellness products

The concept of wellness is not just about a sauna, a swimming pool or a hot tub – To achieve maximum relaxation, it is necessary to think about the space to the last detail – whether it is the selection of additional wellness products, their effective and logical placement in the space or even taking into account the individual wishes of each client.

TAO offers a wide range of complementary products for spa and wellness that are suitable not only for commercial projects but also for private relaxation rooms.

You can also choose from a variety of cooling treatments that are suitable after the sauna, or plan the experiential and relaxing elements of your desired wellness area with us.


Additional wellness and spa products

Cooling down after a sauna is a very important part of the sauna process. You can choose a cooling pool, cooling bucket, automatic ice maker or just cool off in a cold shower after the sauna. You can also add a special Kneipp walkway, an experience shower or a large selection of relaxation loungers to your wellness experience.

Cooling pool

  • High quality stainless steel
  • Timeless, elegant design
  • Any size, shape and depth
  • Options to equip with technology for cooling water to a certain temperature

Kneipp path

  • Special hydrotherapy method
  • Temperature alternating foot massage
  • Completely customised production
  • Stainless steel material for long service life

Cooling bucket

  • Fast intensive cooling
  • Suitable after taking a Finnish sauna
  • Choice of several variants and designs
  • Automatic bucket refilling with cold water

Ice maker

  • Automatic ice production
  • Replenishment according to the set rate
  • Great variability of design solutions
  • Suitable after sauna for gentle gradual cooling

Experience showers

  • Wellness experience accessories
  • Completely tailor-made implementation
  • Variable number of nozzles and efficient backlighting with coloured LED lighting
  • Can also be used as a cooling shower after sauna

Relaxation loungers

  • An essential part of wellness & spa
  • Wide range of additional accessories
  • A range of classic relaxation loungers for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Option to choose special heated loungers for maximum relaxation

TAO spa implementation

TAO not only focuses on the production of saunas and steam cabins, but also offers a large number of complementary products for wellness areas and spas. Our goal is to offer comprehensive solutions for both private and commercial projects and deliver premium quality products.

We belong to the IMAGINOX group – a set of privately owned Czech manufacturing companies focused on the implementation of exclusive wellness projects around the world. Thanks to the cooperation with other sister companies within the group, we are able to offer the production of saunas, steam cabins and more. We also have a wide range of custom stainless steel products and accessories (Imaginox Pools) and comprehensive advice on planning and designing wellness products (Aquamarine Spa).