TAO Steam saunas

A steam room offers you perfect relaxation. High humidity, up to 100 %, and lower temperatures of around 45 degrees mean steam rooms are a very popular alternative to traditional saunas.

At TAO, we manufacture completely tailor-made steam cabins. We can help you plan the right cabin for your space, as well as advising you on the right materials and accessories. We will arrange and implement everything so that the steam cabin meets your requirements, whether you are planning a sauna for a family home or a large hotel spa.

An alternative to the traditional steam sauna are special spa treatments, the most famous of which is the hammam. We also offer the production of cabins with lesser known types of treatments such as a caldarium, laconium or tepidarium.


TAO steam cabins and spa treatments

Whether you choose a classic cabin or you are interested in special spa treatments, everything at TAO is tailor-made for you. Our team of experienced specialists, planners and designers will help you with your planning.

Custom steam rooms

  • Completely customized implementation
  • Adapted to suit the chosen space
  • Choose from a large variety of materials
  • Individual glazing options
  • Large selection of aromatherapy fragrances


  • Traditional ritual spa procedure
  • Oriental ambience
  • Large heated massage table
  • Any design option and choice of materials

Other spa treatments

  • Procedure options: caldarium, laconium and tepidarium
  • Aimed at relaxation and regeneration of the body
  • Higher humidity and comfortable temperatures for gradual recovery

Why choose a TAO Steam sauna?

TAO has many years of experience in the manufacture and installation of steam saunas and spa treatments. We carry out exclusive projects both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We focus on demanding private clients as well as exclusive hotels and wellness centres. The high quality of our production, precise workmanship and attention to detail is thus an absolute must.

We also take great pride in the design of our products, because we know from our own experience that a pleasant environment is essential for quality relaxation. So we work with designers and architects to help you create a place where you will simply feel good.