TAO Private and commercial

Sauna cabins are a standard part of spas and public wellness facilities. They are increasingly popular in private establishments, thanks to the possibility of complete privacy.

Whether you're looking for a solution for your home or for public use, you can choose from five models in the TAO range – TIRO, TRUST, CONTI, MSITU and GLAMP. The size, internal arrangement, wooden cladding, glazing of the sauna or its equipment is then completely tailored to the needs and wishes of the customer.

The most popular form of sauna is the Finnish sauna, which is characterised by its high temperature (up to 100 °C) and low humidity. However, TAO saunas can be equipped with an infrared seat or a bio stove to create a multifunctional sauna cabin that you can always adjust to your current needs.


TAO series of saunas

Choose from five designer models in the TAO series saunas. A big advantage is the possibility of combining elements of individual saunas so that the final form corresponds exactly to your ideas. If you wish, we can also produce a completely unique sauna cabin customized to your needs.

TIRO series of saunas

  • Standard model series
  • Pure timeless design
  • Basic glazing options
  • Possibilities of adding an infrared heater or bio stove for a combined sauna

TRUST series of saunas

  • Premium model range
  • Elegant, modern design
  • Various glazing options
  • Possibilities of adding an infrared heater or bio stove for a combined sauna

CONTI series of saunas

  • Exclusive designer range
  • Design elaborated to the last detail
  • Various glazing options
  • Possibilities of adding an infrared heater or bio stove for a combined sauna

MSITU series of saunas

  • Rustic model series
  • Traditional design in solid wood
  • Option of tiled bench surface
  • Possibilities of adding an infrared heater or bio stove for a combined sauna

GLAMP series of saunas

  • Model range of outdoor saunas
  • Selection of several models and sizes
  • Larger models with integrated showers
  • Can be supplemented with a relaxation room or a fitness zone

A completely customized TAO sauna

  • Individual design
  • Close cooperation with architects
  • Customized private and commercial projects
  • Option of individual wood panelling above and beyond the standard offer

Type of sauna

How do you like to enjoy your sauna? You can choose a classic Finnish sauna, a combined bio sauna, an infrared sauna or combine all types of sauna into one multifunctional cabin.

Finnish sauna

  • Temperature up to 100 °C
  • Low humidity
  • Intense surface heating of the body
  • Sauna process with subsequent cooling
  • Supports the immune and respiratory systems, regeneration and cleansing of the body and skin and muscle relaxation.

Bio sauna

  • Milder temperatures around 60 °C
  • Higher humidity between 40 and 55 %
  • Gentle warming of the body
  • Ideal in combination with aromatherapy
  • Helps treat high blood pressure and blood circulation disorders, as well as improving skin quality

Infrared sauna

  • Pleasant temperature
  • Deep warming of the back or calves
  • Supports the lymphatic system, relieves the pain of tired muscles or helps with recovery after an injury
  • Helps heal scars, bruises or prevent heart disease or high blood pressure

Why choose a TAO sauna?

Focus on detail, superior quality and design – these are the main attributes of TAO. Our years of experience in the wellness industry combined with our precise craftsmanship mean you can be sure that your project will be in the right hands.

TAO saunas are crafted by our own team of carpenters in our production hall in the Czech Republic. The production is carried out in intensive communication with the client and architects, which gives us the possibility of an individual approach to each project. Whether you choose a specific model range or opt for a fully customised model, we will individually adapt each sauna to the space in question and add the equipment you want.