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Sauna lighting: an important detail to make your sauna cabin more comfortable

Lighting in a sauna cabin doesn’t have to be just a practical necessity, especially in a sauna without glazing. Light becomes an important design element in the sauna, emphasizing the warm sauna atmosphere.

Sauna lighting: an important detail to make your sauna cabin more comfortable

There are several different options to choose from. The most common option is to illuminate the backrest or the edge of the bench using LED strip lights. LED strip lights in a warm light tone can also be implemented in a niche near the cabin ceiling. This indirect lighting creates an ambient atmosphere and does not interfere with relaxation, which can be disturbed by direct white light.

Another option for lighting your sauna is a wall light. The wall light with shade is available in several designs adapted to the TAO sauna model series. Wall lamps stand out for their appearance and give your sauna a dimmed spot lighting, suitable for example for a darker wall away from a window or glazing.

Starry skies are a popular choice. This design type of overhead lighting consists of glass fibre that conducts light into individual holes in the cabin ceiling through which it is threaded. The result resembles dozens of small lights that illuminate the cabin ceiling like stars in the night sky. These lights can be individually adapted to your wishes and made in any shape or arrangement. While relaxing in the sauna, you can admire, for example, the constellation of your star sign or that of your children.

The lighting of each sauna cabin is always individually designed. We will be happy to customize it according to your wishes. You can choose the interior lighting of the sauna benches to shine through the wooden slats. Or choose original lampshades with customized designs for your steam cabin. Finally, the colour of the lighting is also up to you. Do you want to know more about the possibilities that are available to you when choosing a TAO sauna? Contact us or download our catalogue and let yourself be inspired.