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Choosing a sauna: indoor or outdoor?

When choosing a sauna, you have many options, including the choice of where you place it. You always need to choose a location that is both suitable for building a sauna cabin and practical for your needs. And the first decision is whether you want an indoor or outdoor sauna.

Choosing a sauna: indoor or outdoor?

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. A Finnish indoor sauna is the more common choice because it offers more privacy, is easier to build and maintain, and costs less to operate. Nevertheless, recently exterior installations have become more and more popular. The outdoor sauna house offers a unique experience of relaxation in the middle of greenery with the “natural” option of cooling down in the snow or in a pond. You can also equip it with a shower and a relaxation area, so you can have your own private spa in the garden away from everyday life. Of course, in both cases you will be able to enjoy the sauna all year round without restrictions.


During the implementation of TAO indoor saunas, you can choose from several model series or we can create a completely customized sauna for you. Our individual approach to each project allows the sauna to be implemented in any room and adapted to any space, such as a sloping ceiling or unusual window size or shape. However, it is always necessary to reserve enough space for the cabin. The sauna cabin itself can be glazed on the front or side. The advantages of interior implementation are lower costs and time requirements for construction preparation. Maintaining a cabin that is part of your interior will also of course be easier, but you may miss the contact with nature and other benefits of outdoor installations.


If you are considering an outdoor sauna, you can choose from individual stand-alone cabins and multifunctional TAO GLAMP sauna houses, which can be complemented by a relaxation room with loungers and a shower. You can also add a fitness zone or gym to your sauna, the decision is up to you. An outdoor sauna brings the unique atmosphere of this traditional Finnish practice, which includes the possibility of cooling off in the snow, outdoor lake or pool. You can choose the interior of the sauna cabin from the model series of indoor saunas or we can make it to your own specifications. The design of the outdoor lining of the sauna house can be unified with the appearance of the house or other buildings on your land. Like the indoor sauna, the outdoor sauna house can also be built for commercial purposes. Compared to interior installations, the disadvantages are more demanding construction requirements and higher initial costs.