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How to choose your sauna? Go through all the important decisions with us

Are you planning to get a sauna but don’t know where to start? Join us for a point-by-point walk through the basic decisions you need to think about before you start making your plans a reality.

How to choose your sauna? Go through all the important decisions with us


The first point to think about before planning a new cabin is its location. You can place your future sauna in your home, your private or commercial wellness area, or you can opt for an outdoor sauna in a stand-alone sauna house. An outdoor sauna provides a true traditional sauna experience close to nature with the option of cooling off in a pond or the snow. Compared to them, indoor saunas are easier to implement and maintain and provide more privacy. TAO saunas are in most cases completely customized and can always be adapted to any space with or without windows, so you can have them built virtually anywhere: in the bathroom, living room, or even in the hallway.


Another aspect to consider before buying a sauna is the type of sauna. There are several options to choose from, depending on which sauna procedure is right for you. Some people prefer the traditional dry Finnish sauna at around 90 °C, others prefer the more humid and milder conditions of a bio sauna, which allows you to enjoy several sauna procedures in one cabin. Or perhaps choose a steam bath with high humidity. You can also have your sauna equipped with an infrared seat and enjoy the benefits of an infrared sauna, which provides deep heating and muscle relaxation without the external stress of high temperatures. In any case, we will make your sauna or steam cabin to suit your needs so that you can enjoy your favorite wellness treatment in maximum comfort.


When choosing a sauna, you can make your selection from several standardized model series. Each model series of TAO saunas is unique in its design and associated accessories. The dimensions of the cabin itself as well as the internal arrangement of benches and sauna stoves are always individually decided. By choosing a sauna from one of the TAO model ranges, you get the advantage of faster implementation, lower costs, and a uniform design, refined to the last details and accessories. The client’s satisfaction is always our priority, so you have the option to combine elements of individual model series, or we can make a sauna completely according to your wishes with the possibility of individual adaptation of cladding materials, selection of sauna accessories, or addition of a salt wall.


A sauna without a heating element of some kind simply isn’t possible. The sauna stove ensures proper and quick heating and can also be used for various sauna rituals. It is important to choose the right type of stove for each cabin, based on the size and type of sauna. You can choose from stoves for Finnish saunas, combination stoves with an evaporator for bio saunas, or under-bench heating systems that save space in your sauna and prevent unwanted contact with hot stoves. We also offer large commercial stoves, suitable for busy public areas and group sauna rituals.


The choice of equipment and cladding material affects not only the appearance but also the correct functionality and comfort. Traditionally, sauna cabins are made of wood, which, as a natural material, is able to absorb heat evenly when the sauna is heated and then release it evenly during sauna use. Woods with high thermal conductivity providing intense radiant heat are suitable for wall cladding. For benches and arm/headrests, on the other hand, it is better to choose soft wood with lower thermal conductivity, which does not unpleasantly burn on touching it when the cabin is heated, so you can relax undisturbed. We can always advise you on the right material. You can choose from our range of products, or if you want to choose individually, we can advise you on your specific requirements.

If you are unsure of the right sauna for you, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to advise you on everything, guide you through the selection and implementation process, and build you a sauna or steam cabin exactly to your liking.