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Commercial TAO steam cabin in the sports complex T-Sport

Commercial TAO steam cabin in the sports complex T-Sport

We implemented the TAO INDI steam cabin for the T-Sport fitness and sports center in Votice in Central Bohemia. The design of the cabin emphasizes the simplicity and clean character of glass and dark natural stone. Visitors can enjoy a steam bath and an aroma bath in it at temperatures varying between 40-45 °C and with up to 100% relative humidity.

This steam room was not integrated into an already existing room, but built into a corner cabin with dimensions of 2.3 x 2.2 x 2.26 m. The steam cabin has a glazed entrance door and a partially glazed side wall. The interior consists of heated benches in two levels, while the lower bench is arranged in an L. The steam cabin is equipped with a STEAM ROCK steam generator with an automatic fragrance essence dosing system and a shower.

The lighting in the cabin is provided by two ceiling spotlights and linear LED backlighting of the lower edge of the benches. The interior lining consists of gray ceramic tiles, black stone was used for the benches. The clean, minimalist design of the steam cabin and its interior monochromatic paneling perfectly complements the wellness area with mirrors and green flowers and contrasts with the natural wall paneling and wood of the Finnish sauna.

interiér designové parní kabiny TAO

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