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Tao Saunas in the new Omega Sports Centre in Olomouc

Tao Saunas in the new Omega Sports Centre in Olomouc

Together with our partners from the IMAGINOX family, we participated in the construction of a relaxing wellness zone in the Omega Sports and Health Centre in Olomouc. We equipped the brand-new sauna zone with a Finnish and bio sauna and a designer steam cabin. In addition, we implemented an outdoor Finnish sauna located in a house in the garden relaxation zone.

The Omega Centre’s indoor sauna area features a traditional Finnish sauna and an aromatic organic sauna. The latter is the smaller of the two saunas with dimensions of 2.3 x 4.16 x 2.2 m. The TAO TRUST herbal aromatherapy sauna has a partially glazed entrance and a safety glass door. The walls and ceiling of the sauna are lined with Hemlock panels and the benches with backrests made of abachi softwood are arranged on two levels. The bio sauna is equipped with a sub-clavicular stove, a steam generator and accessories for herbal fragrance essences.

The larger of the two saunas, the TAO TRUST Finnish Ceremonial Sauna with dimensions of 4.15 x 7.38 x 2.5-1.6 m, also has a glass entrance. The interior layout of the sauna is coupe style with opposing benches made of abachi wood in 3 height levels. Horizontally laid hemlock veneer panels were used for the wall cladding, the ceiling was clad with SLAT panels also made of the same wood. The cladding is complemented by a grid of abachi wood, which covers the original tiles. The focal point of the sauna, which immediately catches the attention of every guest, is the large ritual sauna stove and the decorative stone panel in its background, all supported by thoughtfully placed lighting.

For the sauna area, we also implemented the TAO steam cabin. The individually designed cabin provides a steam bath in a soothing atmosphere with dim lighting and a starry sky. The steam cabin is equipped with 2-stage heated benches realized in the version without backrests, as well as the necessary steam generator, automatic injector of fragrant essences and stainless-steel shower. The cabin, measuring 2.9 x 2.5 x 2.2 m, is heated by hot-water floor heating, while the benches are heated by electric heating.

We have implemented the TAO TRUST Finnish sauna, which is called panoramic in the building, into a detached house in the outdoor relaxation zone. The reason for this is the large window overlooking the relaxation garden, to which we adapted the sauna layout. The cabin is 4.3 x 4.3 x 2.44 m. Opposite the window are sauna benches made of abachi wood in 3 height levels positioned to provide a soothing view of the garden greenery. The walls and ceiling of the sauna cabin are clad in horizontally laid hemlock softline decking in combination with hemlock SLAT panels.

A Zeus commercial sauna stove heats the cabin. Essential accessories that must not be missing in any sauna are a thermometer, an hourglass, headrests, and a ladle with a bucket, in this case in the design of the TRUST model series. The sauna area is accompanied by stainless steel IMAGINOX wellness products, including a cooling pool. Would you like to build a premium-equipped sauna area in your commercial operation as well? Contact us and we will build you a customised sauna.