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TAO Finnish sauna under starry skies

TAO Finnish sauna under starry skies

One of our first projects was this private Finnish sauna. It is a smaller sauna cabin located in the relaxation area of a large villa in Ústí nad Orlicí. The relaxation zone is original with the placement of the starry sky, which is not on the ceiling of the sauna, but the whole room. Thanks to this, it has an impressive atmosphere and conveys a feeling of relaxation under the night sky.

The size of the cabin along with its equipment meets the requirements of a Finnish sauna ideal for a family. Its dimensions are 1.8 x 2.46 x 1.6 m. The interior wall cladding is created from Hemlock wood panels. In the case of the exterior walls, Aquapanel was used as a base for the marbled tiles, which beautify the entire area of the relaxation room. The clean, minimalist panelling, together with the aquarium lighting and starry sky, creates an inimitable atmosphere.

The TAO sauna of the TRUST model series is equipped with two-stage benches made of abachi wood and INVISIO MIDI under-bench stoves. Under-bench stoves are a great choice for such smaller private cabins. They save space in the cabin and are safer in a small space, as there can be no unintentional contact with the hot heating element. However, they still allow the traditional pouring of water on the stones, through the funnel seen in the photo.

The sauna is also equipped with sauna accessories from the TRUST range. In our product range you will find a selection of sauna accessories tailored to the individual models of the TAO series of saunas. For this sauna the client chose a sauna bucket with a ladle in black and headrests, while the thermometer and hourglass were in light wood. Take a look at the TAO range of saunas and select the sauna of your choice. We will be happy to manufacture it exactly to your wishes.