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TAO CONTI premium private sauna

TAO CONTI premium private sauna

This TAO sauna is part of a private wellness area in a family house in Trutnov. The wellness zone with glass walls and a view of the garden is complemented by a whirlpool and a shower. The glazing of the sauna cabin also makes the premium elements of the CONTI model line stand out.

The CONTI sauna cabin with dimensions of 2.3 x 2.05 x 2.26 m was adapted to the client’s space with the adaptation of a large corner window. The entrance part of the cabin is also glazed and makes the full finish of the CONTI series sauna benches stand out. The MYTHOS free-standing sauna stove with olivine stones matches the design of the sauna glazing too.

The sauna benches are arranged in two levels, complemented by backrests and made of soft abachi wood. The interior paneling of the sauna cabin is made of trampled thermo spruce with a distinct wood structure. Thanks to the dry and warm climate, this will become more and more pronounced during the sauna, and the wood will gradually acquire an impressive patina.

For this sauna, the client chose sauna accessories from the CONTI series in black. These are a thermometer, a black hourglass with white sand, and a designer CONTI sauna bucket. The atmosphere during the sauna bathing is underlined by the backlighting of the bench rests and the wall light with a warm tone, which enhances the beauty of the distinctive wood. Would you also like to enjoy a sauna in the comfort of your home, for example in a premium CONTI sauna? Write to us and we will take care of your convenience.