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Design sauna TAO Trust in private wellness

Design sauna TAO Trust in private wellness

The client ordered a premium Tao Trust sauna from us. Let yourself be guided through the oasis of peace and get inspired for your own project. The Tao Trust sauna offers a wide selection of additional equipment, including intelligent control and an available bio sauna program.

A bio sauna like this is a combined sauna with optional programmes – from a dry Finnish sauna with 90 °C to a humid bath with lower temperatures. The client ordered a sauna with EOS Bio Mythos free-standing heating and Wenge panels on the inside. The benches are made of soft abachi wood, as are the accessories – backrests, boarding benches and headrests.

The sauna has a glass entrance door 70 cm wide with a handle and a width of 8 mm. The dimensions of the sauna cabin are 2.26 x 3.1 x 2.2 m. Thanks to speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, visitors get the perfect sauna atmosphere complemented by music.

sauny tao trust

The cabin is illuminated by warm backrest illumination and the lower edge of the benches. When relaxing, sauna visitors can also use a reading lamp. An hourglass, a thermometer or a wooden bucket with a ladle for pouring water on stones are also an integral part of sauna.

Are you interested in a sauna for your wellness? Tell us your vision and we will prepare a non-binding price offer for you.