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An exclusive spa in Hotel Královka in the Jizera Mountains

An exclusive spa in Hotel Královka in the Jizera Mountains

The Královka lookout tower has been a popular destination for tourists during both the summer and winter seasons for more than a century. Today, the newly built modern resort offers comfortable accommodation in the heart of the Jizera countryside, where visitors can enjoy a well-deserved rest. Especially during the winter cross-country skiing season, guests appreciate warming up in the hotel spa, for which we have just installed a premium sauna and steam cabin.

The TAO sauna cabins are part of the spa, which also has a relaxation zone with sun loungers and an open fireplace, an IMAGINOX cooling pool and several hot tubs. Both TAO cabins were custom-made and their appearance and internal layout were adapted to suit the space in question. They complement the overall interior design, which highlights the beauty of the surrounding montane forests.

The look of the spa combines natural elements in the form of raw wood and stone, which create a striking contrast. The TAO cabins with opposite entrances correspond to this concept, each serving a different purpose – a dry Finnish sauna and a steam cabin with high humidity.

The TAO Finnish sauna was made to fit the L-shape of the room and adapted to the building’s windows. The inner wall cladding is made of thermo spruce. The benches arranged in three levels were made of abachi wood, which has ideal thermal conductivity and therefore does not unpleasantly burn immediately on contact. The sauna is equipped with a Goliath stove and LED strip lighting on the backrests.

In contrast to the wooden panelling, the steam cabin is lined with ceramic tiles reminiscent of dark coloured stone. The steam cabin is also equipped with benches in black facing each other as well as LED strip lighting hidden in recesses under the cabin ceiling. The Steamrock II steam generator provides the steam required with up to 100% humidity.

Are you also planning a hotel or tourist resort reconstruction and would like to build a modern wellness area that meets the current world trends in this area? Contact us and we will create a sauna precisely to your liking.