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A sauna for your garden? TAO Sauna house

A sauna for your garden? TAO Sauna house

Sauna houses are becoming increasingly popular among clients because they provide a pleasant feeling of relaxation surrounded by greenery or a private garden, and they also allow you to cool off in a natural lake, pool or even in snow. In this reference article, we will introduce you to the TAO GLAMP outdoor sauna, which we implemented for a family’s private garden.

The GLAMP sauna house consists of two rooms – a sauna cabin and a relaxation area with seating. Thanks to the glass walls, the owner can enjoy the view of the garden, both from the relaxation room and the sauna. As far as the interior of the sauna cabin is concerned, just as in the case of sauna houses you can choose from the TAO model series, or we can create the interior of the sauna completely tailored to your wishes. In this case, our client chose a sauna from the TRUST series of models.

The TAO Finnish sauna itself is 2.5 x 2.2 x 2.16 m in size. At first glance, the choice of wood in various shades catches the eye. The wall and ceiling cladding is thermo abachi wood with excellent thermal insulation properties. In contrast to this dark panelled wood, the benches and backrests are made of light abachi softwood. The two-level L-shaped benches are complemented by headrests, a stool and other sauna accessories from the TRUST range.

The MYTHOS free-standing sauna stove with wooden handle and olivine stones not only ensures high Finnish sauna temperatures, but is also an elegant designer sauna accessory. Are you also thinking about a designer outdoor sauna for your garden? Download our catalogue for inspiration.