Kneipp path

Kneipp path are a popular part of commercial spa operations. These are shallow tanks connected in a row or in a circle or square, which are alternately filled with cold (10-12 °C) and warm (38-40 °C) water and small pebbles which serve to massage the feet.

Kneipp walkways are most often supplied in a self-supporting skimmer design made of stainless steel, but they can also be made of other materials and with an overflow gutter.


Beneficial effects of the Kneipp walkway

The Kneipp walkway is a hydrotherapy treatment. Thanks to the combination of alternating hot and cold water (hydrotherapy) and treatment by moving on the pebbles (kinesiotherapy and acupressure), both circulation and the immune system are kick-started, the nervous system is relaxed and the feet benefit from increased circulation. While heat has a calming effect, cold has a stimulating effect and encourages an increase in internal bodily activity.