Do you have your own idea of what the ideal steam room should look like? We will be happy to manufacture it tailored exactly to your wishes. The STEAM INDI model can be completely customised to individual requirements. It depends only on your ideas, wishes and expectations. Or you can choose a standardized STEAM LIMIT steam room. In either case, you can choose from a wide range of materials suitable for steam room construction – special tempered glass, natural stone or the popular mosaic and ceramic tiles in various colours and designs. Of course, you can also choose the size, design, placement of benches and types of evaporators for customized steam rooms.

In addition to traditional steam rooms, we also offer rooms and cabins for special spa treatments – onsen, hammam, caldarium, tepidarium or laconium... All you have to do is choose.

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Basic steam room equipment

For the choice of cladding material for steam rooms, steam showers and spa treatments, the most important feature is the water resistance and non-absorption of the chosen material – due to the high, up to 100% humidity that occurs inside the steam room. We offer a range of suitable cladding in different designs, colours, sizes and material thicknesses. Choose, for example, maintenance-free acrylic, natural stone or ceramic, or opt for a luxurious-looking glass mosaic and equip your sauna with a large glass entrance area!

Enliven the look of your steam room with stylish lighting, decorative paintings, wall prints, exclusive-looking stone cladding, or enhance the design of the spa room with, for example, a built-in decorative salt stone wall.

Just like the steam bath, other spa treatments have positive effects on health. However, the difference is usually in the more intensive experience due to the special course of the spa process and the layout or design of the sauna room. The procedures are based on traditional and proven cleansing methods originally from eastern countries and are divided into several phases. You can choose from four types of special spa procedures: hammam, caldarium, tepidarium and laconium.