Basic model series

When we say the word “basic”, we associate it with something plain or standard. Something which satisfies our needs but does not quite capture our hearts. The basic model series from TAO will convince you otherwise! Simple modern style, a choice of several types of wood cladding and heating systems, the possibility of adapting to the space in question, including integration with a window or under a sloped ceiling – four models of the basic TAO range are the ideal choice not only for private, but also for commercial use.

Basic equipment of the sauna

The heater is the heart of every sauna. It ensures proper and quick heating and can also be used for various sauna rituals. It is important to choose the right type of heater for each cabin. There are four types to choose from: Finnish heaters, bio heaters, commercial heaters and under-bench stove. The different models of heaters differ in size, the number of olivine stones and location – the choice always depends on your preferences and the layout of the space. You can choose from standard free- standing heaters or opt for the under-bench option.

The choice of material affects not only the design, but also the correct functionality and your comfort. Woods with high thermal conductivity providing intense radiant heat are suitable for internal wall cladding. The benches, on the other hand, are made in such a way that they do not burn to the touch even when very hot and allow you to relax undisturbed.

Exterior cladding can be chosen according to your taste. You can choose from the basic range of materials, or we can create completely customized sauna cladding. Take a look at selected examples of internal and external cladding options. We will be happy to advise you on the specific materials suitable for your project based on your individual requirements.

A control panel is also an essential part of the sauna. All control units use the latest technologies to ensure even more comfort, durability and safe use.

In addition, all control panels equipped with a display can also be controlled remotely via the app or after connecting it to the smart home control system when purchasing additional equipment. So you can heat up your sauna at the touch of a button on your way home from work, for example, and you won't have to wait a minute longer when you get home!

The price of each sauna includes the basic equipment which consists of a thermometer, an hourglass, a bucket and a ladle for pouring water on the stones. But there are several other accessories and technologies to choose from – some of which will expand the functions of your sauna and others that will turn it into a place of perfect relaxation. Choose the optional infrared seat, for example, so you no longer have to decide between the Finnish and infrared cabins. Or add designer lighting or starry skies to your sauna.