A bio sauna is a combined sauna, creating a more humid and milder climate. It is provided by a sauna stove supplemented by one or two vaporizers releasing steam, quickly spreading throughout the cabin. Temperatures are lower than in a dry Finnish sauna, usually in the range of 45-60°C, with humidity between 40-55%.

Thanks to the lower temperature, the bio sauna is especially perfect for families with children and individuals with health problems who cannot tolerate the high temperatures of classic Finnish saunas.

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Spa aroma and positive effect on our health

The bio sauna environment has a positive effect on our health. In addition, the beneficial effects can be enhanced with fragrant essences and herbs.

Unlike Finnish heaters, which can be supplemented with accessories for aromatherapy, bio stoves have an integrated bowl for oils and essences, thanks to which the stay in the sauna becomes an aromatic experience for your senses.