NEO pools up to 6 metres – MALGRANDA

These smaller models of NEO pools are an ideal solution for smaller gardens, where they do not take up much space thanks to their dimensions, but at the same time create a pleasant spot for relaxation.

High quality, modern design and the possibility to customize the equipment to your liking will fulfil all visions of your future pool. The NEO pool will become a stylish water feature of any modern garden.

You can choose from 3 standardized models, each of which is offered in eight colours. All models can be equipped with stainless steel elements, counter-current, slatted cover or retractable roof.

Customise your pool to your wishes

To ensure that the pool meets all your requirements, you can choose from a large number of components and create it exactly to your liking. We will design and create the pool exactly to your wishes





White 3D

Sand 3D

Obsidian Grey

Grey 3D


Counter-current nozzle


Pipe bench

Floor geyser

Massage nozzle

White accessories - when using salt water treatment in the pool

Stainless steel accessories – when using fresh water treatment in the pool

Lamella Cover

Possibility to discretely store the lamella cover in the bottom or in the wall of the pool. You can choose from two types and 16 different colours.

NEO Sliding Cover

An outdoor alternative for covering a pool which enables you to swim even during bad weather. You can choose from low, middle, and high cover height.

Sliding Terrace Cover

The designer option for covering a pool. The cover completely hides the pool and is strong enough to place, for example, garden furniture on it.

Adjustable Floor

A special adjustable hydraulic floor system, which allows you to freely adjust the depth of the pool or completely hide it.